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This Flexible Sealer is used for vinyl liner repairs without the need for patches, it eals cracked seams and leaks even under water. This is a Professional sealer used by the pool professionals and should not be confused by cheap liner repair patches. This product will bond to most metals, wood, plastics, glass and ceramics. Can also be used for repairing skimmers, return inlets, light fittings, drains and many more. Supplied in 120ml (4fl. oz) tube color is WHITE

Product Application:

As a crack and seam sealant, force into the crack or seam directly from the nozzel. Use a spatula or thumb to press firmly into place, especially underwater. For deep cracks force in first coat and allow to set. Apply additional material as needed. For vinyl repair squirt a small bead directly on puncture or small cut. After skin has formed press down to flatten. For thread sealant, apply liberally to threads before assembling. Flexible Sealer skins over in 5 minutes and may be painted over in 24 hours. After cured it is resistant to water, oil, grease, gasoline, salt solutions and many chemicals.



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