Bluewater 2L Longlife Algaecide – Swimming Pool Chemicals

Keep your pool pristine and algae-free with our highly effective Algaecide!

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Experience Crystal Clear Pool Water with Our Powerful Algaecide!

Keep your pool pristine and algae-free with our highly effective Algaecide! Enjoy the feeling of swimming in crystal clear water while our powerful formula works to prevent algae growth and keeps your pool safe and clean. Say goodbye to the green and hello to relaxation!

Top-notch features & benefits:

  • 🌟 Effective algae prevention: Weekly use stops algae growth in its tracks, ensuring your pool stays sparkling clean.
  • 💧 Easy to use: Simple dosage guidelines make maintaining your pool’s water a breeze.
  • 🏊 Safe swimming experience: Enhance your pool enjoyment by keeping the water clear, clean, and healthy.
  • 🌱 Works with your disinfectant: Our Algaecide complements your pool’s disinfection process for optimal results.

Directions for use:

  1. For an initial dose, add 20ml of Algaecide per 10 cubic meters of pool water.
  2. Afterward, add 6ml of Algaecide per 10 cubic meters of pool water weekly.


  • Mix the Algaecide into 10 litres of fresh water using a clean plastic container.
  • Carefully pour the solution into the pool water close to the return inlets.
  • Rinse the container thoroughly.

Got algae already? No problem!

  • Ensure a pH of around 7.5 and shock dose with 10mg/liter chlorine.
  • Brush the walls and floor of the pool, then backwash the filter.
  • Add 75ml of Algaecide per 10 cubic meters of pool water.
  • Check pH, chlorine levels, and algae traces daily. If any traces remain after 48 hours, repeat the chlorine shock dose.

Ready for a stunning pool experience? 💦

Don’t let algae ruin your pool fun. Take the plunge and make algae a thing of the past! Order our powerful Algaecide now and enjoy the feeling of swimming in pristine water. Get yours today and transform your pool into a crystal-clear paradise!


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